Hold Tight

594mm x 841mm

Digitally printed

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

This editorial project was one about creating a book cover design for the limited edition printing of Hold Tight by Jeffrey Boakye (a book about black masculinity, millennials and the meaning of Grime). 

I wanted the cover of the book to reflect the words within; therefore worked with an image of a stairwell that I had taken in East London - where grime music originates from. 

This staircase symbolises the climb from a start to an end; and that is what this book describes grime music to be about - it is a journey that someone embarks upon to feel like they belong somewhere. 

The cover of the book is drastically different from its original cover, mainly due to the need of showing the limit edition aesthetics through careful type and the process of embossing. 


Research Document

150mm x 150mm

Digitally Printed

Adobe InDesign

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