Ten Soups You Must Not Try

210mm x 230mm

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Crude oil is one of the most hazardous forms of energy which we consume. It is estimated that we use almost 17 billion litres of crude oil every single day.


I wanted to show this horrific piece of information through an effective way, not just another environmental campaign which is seen and forgotten. 


We consume crude oil like we consume food. These cards show you the consumption of crude oil through recipes for Soup.


The name of each soup is a combination between the name of the oil spill and the type of soup it is. 


The prep time, cooking time, and cleaning time, all reflect the year the oil spill occurred, the total number of days the oil continued to spill, and how none of the accidents have yet been completely cleaned, respectively. 


The ingredients include information about each oil spill such as the animals which have been harmed and the amount of crude oil which has been spilled. 


The black inked pattern on each soup represents the same form the oil spill took on the surface of the ocean, as seen through satellite imagery, when the accident occurred. 


This project is one which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. The language used does not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, living or dead. It is just an attempt at holding up the mirror against ourselves and questioning the extent at which we need to use this non-renewable source of energy.


© 2020 By Janvi Parekh