Some Proper Advice

165mm x 228mm

Digitally Printed

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Photoshop

Some Proper Advice is a book which I have written and designed. This is my final year project for my undergraduate degree of Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication (UAL). 

This book is for those who will be going to London with the sole purpose of studying. This book is riddled with “proper” advice and lessons which may or may not provide you with a sense of guidance.

I am a sarcastic designer who loves satirical comedy as I feel it is one of the most prominent ways of creating a lasting impact. Therefore, the mildly offensive tone of voice used in this book does not mean to harm any individual’s feelings, living or dead. If you are someone who get’s offended easily, then I would recommend that you stay away from this book. For those who can take a bit of humour at the expense of themselves, please keep an eye out for when this hits the stores. 

Proper is a word which can be used as an intensifier, or emphasis, or meaning 'completely' / 'thoroughly' / 'totally' to describe something. Probably used only in London and parts of the South East of England. 

In other words, a very english word you will learn once you go to London.


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